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Business Partners

Kültür Ziraat

Kültür Agriculture Engineering Ltd. Company was founded in  1995 with the purpose of agricultural consultancy and production. Its main function was agricultural engineering until the year 2001. In 2002 it started working on food production and officially registered the Çukula and Veroni brands. In 2009 Besice joined the group and Kültür took over the Besice and Balbesi brands therefore becoming the production company of the Besice group. Up until now it has produced chocalate hazelnut cream, crushed sesame seeds cream, crunchy hazelnut cream, sweet hazelnut cream, hazenlut chunk cream, filtrated flower honey, the filling and production of pine honey products. At the same time private-label production is also being executed. Kültür Agriculture has İSO 9001 and HACCP certificates.

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